Why I Live by My Own Rules

When my dad turned 50, I remember asking him if he felt any different. He said:

“Inside I still feel young, but when I try to do things I did in my youth, my body reminds me that I’m aging.”

That broke my heart and didn’t give me much to look forward to. That is when a seed was planted in my subconscious to take care of myself so that I can live a healthy, long life, doing things that make me happy.

I am NOT my age is not about denying that number that changes every year. What I mean is, that number does not define you. When you want to do something,  just do it. Don’t be concerned whether it’s appropriate to do at “your age” or if others will approve or disapprove. We’ve been living with the insidious programming of our old beliefs long enough! It’s time to change that. Make your OWN rules!

I am NOT my age is about living life by your own rules. It’s about making better choices that will allow you to have longevity, health, and happiness. I invite you to NOT be your age! Join me by reading my blog in which I will discuss different topics on lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition for post people ages 50 and above. Even if you’re not anywhere near the age of 50, you can also benefit from the information that I will share. Why wait until then?

You can read more on what inspired me to start this blog in the About Me section. Follow me on social media and if you like what you see, tell your friends and family about my page. Feel free to comment on my posts or contact me and let me know if there are specific topics you would like to see.

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